Longboard Wheels

Product Information

Wheels are probably one of my favourite parts of my longboard! The wheels determine the type of riding I want to do that day, do I want to slide around? Or do I want to grip and carve like a maniac?
As I tell most of my customers the best way to find a wheel that you like is to try out as many as you can, check out your friends wheels and see how they ride, grab a new set every few weeks and FEEL the difference in them. Trial and error happen, sometimes you hate the new wheels you got, sometimes you ride them and decide that they are the BEST wheels out there. Whatever it may be the best way is to try out the products, as helpful as online reviews can be everyone does ride totally differently and what works out great for your best friend might actually be the total opposite as what your looking for.
We here at Axess 33 try and stock every wheel on the market worth carrying. We’ve got so many to pick from and great staff to help guide you to what you are really looking for!

Truly the biggest selection of wheels in Canada

Current companies are:

- Abec 11

- Cloud Ride

- Retro

- Pink

- Cult

- Rayne

- Divine

- Hawgs


- R.A.D (Rider Approved Designs)

- Sector 9

- O-Tang (Orangatang)

- Venom

- Cadillac