Product Information


Our distributors think we’re eating them we’re selling them so fast!
Which basically means we’re doing our job! We want our customers to be able to get right back up after falls, nothing sucks more than hearing about a hurt customer (or rider!).
As some of you may have noticed all of our riders wear helmets. It’s actually a part of their contract that they do. We’ve got one rider in particular who wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for wearing a helmet, so safety is a biggie with us!
So come on in and check out our massive selection of colours and styles.
Ditch the old mushroom on your head look and get something you’ll actually want to wear on your head!!

Companies we carry (or can order into the shop):

- Triple 8 (brainsavers, cpsc, or T8 racer)
- Predator (FR7, DH6)
- Bern (Watts or Macon)
- Termite