Product Information

G-form has many imitators within the safety industry, but nobody can do it quite like them!

What makes G-form so special? All of their products utilizes Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), which is a composite blend of materials that deliver you with over 90% of the impact absorbed when falling or crashing. All of these pads are low profile, perfect for those who want to indiscreetly wear safety gear.

Here at Axess, we aren’t just catering to skateboarders and longboarders, we’re covering the full G-form lineup!

For sizing go to: http://g-form.com/

Due to the style of these pads we ask that all customers know their size when they come into the shop as you won’t be allowed to try them on!

- Elbow pads
- Knee pads
- Crash shorts
- Shin pads
- Compression shirt
- Sternum shirt
- Soccer shin guards
- Shoe insoles

****UPDATE: July 18th 2013: We have been having many issues regarding G-form, due to this we are out of stock and unable to re-stock on most gear. We apologize for any inconvenience as this brand was doing very well in our shop. We do stock many other amazing brands of safety gear in our shop so feel free to come down and check it all out.