No Future

Product Information

In 2010 Andrew Mercado started No Future with the concept to create a media source inspired by Thrasher Magazine, but geared towards the emerging longboard scene.  The project produced a full length DVD and eventually a cult following with skateboarders – especially with those little “No Future” stickers; it seemed like they were popping up everywhere and everyone wanted them. We continued to make the stickers and Andrew handed them out personally at races and events. If you see someone with a No Future sticker, you know they’re a skateboarder.

Fast-forward to 2013 and the launch of No Future Skateboards.     No Future is committed to being a true skateboard company.  The kind of skateboard company that caters to all kinds of skateboarders and makes all types of boards.  Our influence comes from the legendary brands that we grew up with that had epic teams, innovative board designs, pushed the envelope of board graphics, and created defiant ad campaigns.  We are also influenced by those skaters out there who are immersed in the skateboard subculture – those who skate everything. No Future is a brand built by skateboarders for those who view skateboarding as a way of life.