Testing out the new GoPro3 on a fun local hill with pro riders Jason Epp, and Andi Leslie. As well as Flow rider Shawn Sousa.

Gordon Days from Axess33 on Vimeo.

Axess Pro Rider  Jason Epp take us down an Onterrible classic. A nice Mixup of a few Raw runs.
Special Guest Riders: Scott “Hev” Camball and Matthew “Napes” Napier

Creemore from Axess33 on Vimeo.

Axess 33 Pro rider AND Bombora Pro Kyle Lahey dueling it out with fellow Bombora rider Jakoop on a local run!
Make sure to check the Bombora site today!

Pro rider J.Epp takes us back to his Winsport adventure summer 2012

IGSA World Cup 2012 from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

Pro rider Jason Epp hhit up giants head summer 2012. Check out the super dope video!!

Giants Head and Beyond from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

All the colours turn to grey. A mixup of summer 2012 footage and skatepark 2013 footage.

All The Colours Turn to Grey from Jason Epp on Vimeo.


Playing the back nine, Riding in spring 2012

Playing The Back Nine from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

Some fun riding in Quebec summer ’11

Une Journée Dans les Laurentides from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

The Final Video from the trip out west!
What a killer adventure we had this summer(2011), there wasn’t anything more we could really ask of it… other than maybe lasting a bit longer!
Enjoy the videos!

Going West Pt 3: BP’s Britannia and Bombing Fast Runs from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

Video 2 of 3 from our trip out west. Insanity at the Danger Bay race, exploring rainforests and caves, mixed up with a little jakes rash freeriding and race day!  A trip to remember!

Going West Pt.2 DBX and Jakes Rash from Jason Epp on Vimeo.

The first of 3 videos from our trip out west this summer. Got to hit up some awesome races, meet some gnar people, and ride killer hills. This video highlights the beginning of our trip, heading to Danger bay and Jakes rash on the Sunshine Coast

Going West Pt1 from Jason Epp on Vimeo.


A nice little video from spring 2011! Going fast and having a blast with friends is always a good time.

Spring Speedboarding from Jason Epp on Vimeo.